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Welcome, so what’s coming?

Thanks for your visit, just getting started putting the site together.

Over the last years I invested a substantial amount of time and money into learning material on Drawing, Illustration, Concept Art, Animation and Painting. These materials range from books of Golden Age illustrators to brand new Online Courses.

I realized how much good information is available to us and how much time I had wasted on bad material and school classes with mediocre or clueless teachers. I also had the pleasure of meeting and learning from some amazing craftsmen, including traditional typesetters, oil painters and graphic designers.

After some time it became clear to me that there are underlying fundamental rules in all of visual crafts. Focusing on these is the best investment of time and money. My goal is to drastically cut the fluff and wasted time for anyone who aims to become skilled at visual crafts.

Besides a series of articles and videos breaking down the fundamentals of sketching, drawing and animation, there will be a strict schedule with weekly updates.

Here’s the weekly schedule:

1. Review of one important educational book on drawing/illustration, the focus is strictly on Skill Building, not on Art Histrory

2. Review of one Online Course (Software Tutorials, Caricatures, Anatomy…)

3. Review of one must have item for visual craftswomen and men (Hardware, Software, Tools)


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